Short History
"Our goal is now more ahead"
-1999 Entrance to the construction business

-2000 Completion of the first construction of 12 flats in Ankara and the continuation of the projects

-2002 The establishment of the construction company in Algeria and the first project (26 complex-154 residences and trade center -Baskent Delly Ibrahim Region)

-2002-2009 Several construction projects in Algeria has been carried out

-2005 Within the group environment and waste companies has been established (Erksan Cevre, as one of the leading companies in the industrial waste sector has been set up)

-2007 The establishment of Kocaeli-Gebze industrial waste pre-processing and storage facilities

-2008 As integrated to the facilities, hazardous and industrial waste transport vehicles investments

-2009 Establishment of the metal waste recycling facility at Konya II. Organized Industrial Zone

-2011 The purchase of Bursa Yenisehir lead zinc mining operations

-By 2012 the potential of providing service to 550 major industries as one of Turkey’‘s largest environmental and waste management company has been reached

-2012 Real Estate Development and Investment Projects in Ankara

-2013 Hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste mud pre-treatment and disposal facility establishment in Kocaeli

-2013 Establishment of Green energy companies

-2013 Launch of Istanbul office for the real estate development and investment projects in Turkey

-2014 Establishment of Istanbul Tuzla electronic waste recycling facility
-2015 Student home company in the world of the bigger Asset Campus partner ve Univa investment;nüşü

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