Rıza Erkanlı
About Rıza Erkanlı
Rıza Erkanlı graduated from Hacettepe University, Mining Engineering.
Erkanlı has stepped into his business life by launching his first construction company while studying at the last year of university. Following, he executed several projects in Turkey and Algeria. His company continues in working on real estate development and investment projects that are distinguishing on the levels of functions and designs. 
In 2012, following the new law about urban regeneration Erkanlı has launched the Urban Regeneration and Urbanization Association as the founder President. The Association aims to ensure the development and sustainability of urban regeneration and urbanization in Turkey and currently is holding several internal and international events. 
In 2005, Erkanlı established some of the leading companies and made some investments in Environment and industrial waste sector. Within the mentioned sector, waste management facilities investments have been carried out that includes innovative environmental technology. After establishing several leading companies all the firms were united under the umbrella of Erkanlı Group. The investments are being carried out.
With the aim of ensuring integrated and stable growth of the Group several investments in sectors such as energy from waste, green and solar energy are being carried out.
Some of the Memberships:
KENTDER – Kentsel Dönüşüm ve Şehircilik Derneği Kurucu Başkanı (Urban Transformation and Urban Development Association- Founding President)
ATC – American Turkish Council
TAYÇED – (Waste Management and Environment Association)
DEIK – Dış Ekonomik İlişkiler Kurulu (Foreign Economic Relations Board)
İngiliz Ticaret Odası Türkiye – (British Chamber of Commerce Turkey)

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