Erkanlı Group is focusing on developing real estate projects both within and out of the country by combining its knowledge and experience since 90s with its investment capacity. With its team of professionals which closely follow the latest technology and up-to-date developments, Erkanlı designs projects where quality, speed and productivity are applied in the best way and let them meet with consumers and completes all its projects successfully before the deadlines. While performing all these tasks, Erkanlı Group provides the best quality at the best locations and at attainable rates to the end-user.
  • Ankara - Erkanlı Monza Residence
  • Ankara - Çankaya Erksan Collective Housing
  • Algeria - Boumerdes • Construction of 482 housings
  • Algeria - Babouzzar • Construction of 348 housings
  • Algeria - Boudougou • Construction of 66 villas
  • Algeria - Delly İbrahim • 26 Blocks, 2 commercial centers
  • Algeria - 135 villas

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