Alternative Real Estate Development

Taking into account the dormitory issues encountered by higher education students in Turkey, Erkanlı offers an alternative investment tool.

Of the 7,2 million students in Turkey, 3,1 million need dormitories which lead Erkanlı, under the brand name “UNIVA” to both the industry and investors. Relying on the system of lease out and operation of student houses, to be sold in units, UNIVA offers investors and students regular rental income and homelike comfort and advanced social facilities, respectively.

ERKANLI, without slowing down, are going to invest in “Student Houses” also in other towns under the brand name ‘UNIVA’.

Univa Student House Campuses

Ongoing Projects
Univa Sakarya www.univa.com.tr/univasakarya
Univa Düzce www.univa.com.tr/univaduzce
Univa Kocaeli www.univa.com.tr/univakocaeli

Future Projects
Univa İstanbul