1999 Entrance to the construction business 

2000 Completion of the first construction of 12 flats in Ankara and the continuation of the projects

2002 The establishment of the construction company in Algeria and the first project (26 complex-154 residences and trade center – Capital Delly Ibrahim Region)

2002-2009 Several construction projects in Algeria had been carried out

2005 Within the group environment and waste companies had been established (Erksan Cevre, as one of the leading companies in the industrial waste sector was set up)

2007 The establishment of Kocaeli-Gebze industrial waste pre-processing and storage facilities

2008 As integrated to the facilities, hazardous and industrial waste transport vehicles investments

2009 Establishment of the metal waste recycling facility at Konya II. Organized Industrial Zone

2012 The potential of providing service to 550 major industries as one of Turkey’‘s largest environmental and waste management company has been reached

2012 Real Estate Development and Investment Projects in Ankara

2013 Hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste mud pre-treatment and disposal facility establishment in Kocaeli

2013 Establishment of Green energy companies

2013 Launch of Istanbul office for the real estate development and investment projects in Turkey

2014 Establishment of Istanbul Tuzla electronic waste recycling facility

2015 The biggest student home company in the world Asset Campus Partnership and UNIVA investment.