Rıza Erkanlı is a graduate of Hacettepe University Department of Mining Engineering.

Erkanli began his career with construction company established in the last year of university, Turkey and Algeria has implemented construction projects. He continues to invest and operate student houses in the field of real estate development.

In 2012, emerging as the founder of the chairman together with the urban renewal law, urban renewal and urban associations of the sector and has continued its urban regeneration ahead with their incoming side has been implemented and Turkey urban transformation of healthy walking and success to reach for association management and national and international field work with members.

In the field of environmental and industrial waste by making some of the first investment in Turkey, which has established a new organization composed of pioneers in the industry in 2005. From this area has invested in waste facilities with innovative environmental technologies and has incorporated a group of leading organizations in the industry. This continues to investments in the area.

Some Important Memberships:

GYODER – The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies
İNDER – Istanbul Constructors Association
KENTDER – Founding President of Urban Transformation and Urbanism Association
İGK – Istanbul Golf Club
ATC – American Turkish Council
BCCT – The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
TAYÇED – All Waste and Environment Management Association
TKYD - Corporate Governance Association of Turkey
ASRA - Association of Student Residential Accommodation (London)